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What do your love languages tell you about your calling?

Author Gary Chapman details five love languages. Your preferred love languages can provide clues to your calling.

If you know you are loved when you receive kind words of affirmation, maybe your calling involves encouraging people, telling them they are loved and bringing words of comfort.

If you know you are loved when someone gives you their full, undivided attention maybe your calling in some way involves giving people quality time and attention.

If hugs, kisses, holding hands and thoughtful touches all show you love and care, then maybe your calling involves meeting others’ physical needs.

When someone takes the time and thought to buy you a gift or make you something special you feel loved. Maybe your calling involves giving and resourcing people in some special way.

If you know that you are loved and valued when someone does the chores for you, then maybe your calling in some way involves doing practical tasks for others.

How does this give you clues to your calling?

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