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Loved Called Gifted: A practical guide to unlocking your life's calling by Sean Kennedy and Catherine Cowell

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There is a God-given reservoir of world-changing energy in everyone waiting to be released. When you find it, you will never be the same again. Your enjoyment of life, inspiration, creativity and productivity all step up to an entirely new level.

This book takes you on a journey to discover the trail of evidence God has already left for you about who you are, what you are really good at, what motivates you and what He wants you to do with your life. The good news you will discover is that you are truly loved, called and gifted!

Loved, Called, Gifted is published by Instant Apostle and available from Amazon.

Church Uncorked: Leadership that Releases 
by Catherine Cowell and Sean Kennedy

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How can we lead in a way that releases the potential so often constrained by traditional leadership structures?


Church Uncorked challenges the predominant model of church leadership and book suggests an alternative where vision comes not from the top, but from everyone, and releases the wealth of untapped talent and potential that often goes unnoticed. 

Written engagingly and with humour, it presents a genuinely fresh perspective. 

Church Uncorked is published by Instant Apostle and available from Amazon

Mustard Seed Stories: Encouraging ordinary people in practical mission: A guide for small groups
by Catherine Cowell


Mustard Seed Stories supports individuals and churches to think about and engage in mission. It tells the stories of seven people from who started where they were, with what they had, and saw God move. The pack contains a DVD with all seven stories. Ideal for use in church services, each video clip is three minutes long and designed to provoke thinking and inspire action. The six session study guide for small groups uses the video stories as a jumping off point and covers topics such as mission in the workplace, creativity and mission and mission in the community.

Contact Catherine if you would like a copy. 

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