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What people say about us...

"This course [Loved Called Gifted] tackles calling and gifts, not from a traditional view, but from the experience of being human. It is a genuine breath offresh air, challenging, stimulating, and above relational. Relating to myself, to others and to God. Its great, and really worth doing, freeing and releasing. Dare to be human, and to find your potential with God. Do the course!" Peter Mockford, former Vicar of Blurton & Dresden, UKCP reg Psychotherapist.

Spiritual Direction

If I could summarize my experience receiving spiritual direction from Catherine in just one word, it would be – Freedom. Catherine listened empathically and free of judgement helping me break down the boxes I had built for God and for myself. She showed enthusiasm for the journey and made the experience of journeying together fun and exciting. Something I had not felt in a while. She took into consideration my personality and suggested practices that would create space to encounter the divine. I continue to walk with God but now we have access to a plentiful garden full of flowers, trees and vast lakes rather than just a sidewalk. Thanks, Catherine.

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