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What people say about us...

"This course [Loved Called Gifted] tackles calling and gifts, not from a traditional view, but from the experience of being human. It is a genuine breath offresh air, challenging, stimulating, and above relational. Relating to myself, to others and to God. Its great, and really worth doing, freeing and releasing. Dare to be human, and to find your potential with God. Do the course!" Peter Mockford, former Vicar of Blurton & Dresden, UKCP reg Psychotherapist.

Loved Called Gifted

I realised I am a better person than I thought I was. I might even like myself a little better. If you want to go forward and open your heart and mind it's for you. Ann

Training and Facilitation

Catherine’s training is thought provoking and very practical. We learned a lot together, but more importantly, after a morning with Catherine I could see my staff making changes and rethinking the way we work as a team.  Excellent value for money and highly recommended. Liz Etherton, Centre Director, North Staffs YFC

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