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About Us



About fifteen years ago, Sean and I met over coffee at a Church Without Walls meeting in North Staffordshire. It didn't take us long to discover that we were both on the path to becoming life coaches and that we had a common interest in understanding people and a shared enthusiasm for exploring ideas through long conversations over cups of tea.

The thing that most excited our interest was a desire to see people free to be themselves, to discover their passion and fulfil their potential. We could see that there were quite a lot of things that transpire to get in the way of that. Including unskilled leadership, limiting organisational structures and cultures and the internal psychological barriers and wounds we all carry that have a habit of tripping us up. 

We've worked together on lots of projects over the years. We've written books together, created courses, run seminars, facilitated groups and helped teams to understand one another and work together more effectively. These days, we do more work independently than together and Sean has reduced his workload for health reasons but the conversations continue as enthusiastically as ever. More recently, I've also been privileged to work with Rachel Kochany and Stephen Dainty.

We both enjoy exploring new ideas and you will see that reflected here. But running through everything we do, whether that's spiritual direction, coaching or facilitation of conversations, is a passionate belief that we are all loved and precious; that we all have callings, things we are passionate about, ways that we want to change the world and that we are all uniquely gifted. 

I hope that you enjoy exploring the website and that you will find things to interest, amuse and help you on your journey. 

Catherine Cowell 

April 2022



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