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Podcast Transcripts

If pregnancy, birth and motherhood are not living up to the ideals you imagined and you're experiencing way less sleep and way more difficulties than you bargained for, this episode is for you. Even if that's not your situation, there is lots to learn here. 

In this episode Catherine interviews Sarah Page about the gruelling glory and redemption she experienced in the transition from monastic prayer warrior to severely sleep-deprived mother of a suffering baby, and then stepping into the balance between the two as they've grown up, with lessons learned and a call to the church to do it differently.

It's a story of when dreams and expectations don't end up lining up with reality, and the choice to either let them go, or live with them being ripped from you. The God who is there in both the bad and the good.

It's one woman's very personal, difficult story. And a universal story about finding -- and being found by -- God, during difficult times. Inside and outside of church.

Content warning for pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding, birth trauma, miscarriage, and a baby that would not stop screaming.

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