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Called to chill

There is a huge amount of emphasis, in our culture, is placed upon what we do. I strive to achieve. If I succeed I feel great. However feelings of success are fleeting. So I do more to feel good again. If I fail or if others think I’m not doing enough I feel unworthy and try harder. Thus we tread and eternal self worth treadmill.

It is important to realise our primary calling is not to do but to be. To be in and enjoy a relationship with God and the others he puts around us. That is the real place we get our self worth. We are precious just as we are. Ironically when we take time out to be we are far more likely to discover what God wants us to do. We then find we do what makes sense for us as and can act with far more freedom and joy.

Adapted from Loved, Called, Gifted by Sean Kennedy and Catherine Cowell

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