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When God's guidance doesn't come...

There are times when our walk with Jesus is like following a trail through dense woodland in the fog. We can reach a point where we simply don’t know where to go next. We need to reflect or wait.

This is normal. Just as the caterpillar needs to retreat in order to cocoon and become a butterfly, sometimes so do we. the re-ordering of ourselves that happens in these seasons of waiting can be painful and disconcerting. In our hurry-addicted world, just stopping can feel terrifying. We can feel stagnant and useless.

If we want to fly, we sometimes need to go through these soul-making seasons of waiting, surrendering and trusting. These are times when our darkness, our questioning and our pain is calling us to a deeper and ultimately satisfying place. Where we know with more certainty than ever that we are loved and secure. Wherever we are in our journey, God has good purposes in it all.

From: Loved, Called, Gifted by Sean Kennedy and Catherine Cowell

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