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What your IQ doesn't tell you

If, like me, you have ever had to take an IQ test, it can be pretty nerve wracking. Am I stupid? Average? Or can I join Mensa?

No scientist in their right mind would try and describe the complexity, beauty and majesty of the Himlayas with a single number. So why should someone dare try to reduce our vastly complex and amazing God given capacity to single number either?

We are all intelligent, just in different ways. So the real question is not: What is your IQ? but rather,

In what way are you intelligent?

Are you musical? Good at maths? In tune with the natural world? Perhaps good at understanding people? Maybe you’re great at sport? Dance? Making and mending things? Artistic? Good with words?

If you’ve ever been told that you’re not intelligent, it’s time to let go of that meaningless label. Ask God to help you appreciate the incredible abilities He created you to have.

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