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What's the most amazing thing in the universe? You!

Do you know that you are the most and complex creation in the universe? Your brain has 100 billion cells and each brain cell is networked with up to 100 thousand others.

No, I can’t get my brain around all that either!

You can reason, make sense of information, make intuitive jumps, write stories, create, love, empathise, make music, art and dance and do a myriad other incredible things. The truth is, you are unique and far more special to God than you think you are. Undoubtedly far more capable.

You might not feel special, but as the psalmist says: Truly you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Even if you don’t yet recognise it yet God has packed you full of potential and He wants to partner with you to do something special.

So if you knew deep down that you were truly the most awesome creation in the universe what would you do differently today?

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