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What really holds us back?

What actually holds us back from discovering and going about our calling? ‘Of course it’s my circumstances.’ It is simply the fault of the government, the bad economy, my finances, my disability, my parents, my children and the devil. Let’s not forget to blame God, who is ultimately in charge of everything.’

Yet we see that Jesus and his 12 dysfunctional friends changed all of history. Yet they had no money or resources. Not even a mobile phone between them.

It is easy to blame the external stuff when the reality is that we need to look compassionately inward at our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These are the things that hinder us most. Ultimately, it comes down to a belief that we are not truly loved and accepted by God that holds us back. Love releases our potential like nothing else can.

What are your life limiting assumptions and beliefs?

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