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What might your suffering say about your calling?

Jesus death on the cross looked like the worlds most senseless act of suffering, but became history's most meaningful event.

For years I was very ill and could not work. I railed at God and asked why I suffered so senselessly. I had no end of prayer ministry but nothing happened. I turned to a counsellor and through him God helped me begin to understand the reasons for my illness. As I improved I began to train in counselling myself. That lead to coaching, leadership development and the writing I do today. I am not fully whole yet, but I love the work I do now. It fascinates me. What seemed senseless became deeply meaningful. I found a silver lining in my dark cloud. My suffering became important to my calling.

Like me, the way you have suffered may contain clues to you calling.

How can you actively make purpose and meaning out of your suffering?

If you want to explore your calling further, take a look at Loved, Called, Gifted by Sean Kennedy and Catherine Cowell

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