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What gives you life?

When I am helping someone discover their life calling, I often start by asking this question. What things, do you do, that give you life?

You see, our calling, is the thing we were designed for.

You can try and knock in a nail with a bit of wood, but it’s awkward, difficult and tiring. When you swap it for a hammer, suddenly the whole thing becomes easy and natural. It’s the same for us. Doing what we were made to do feels good.

If most things you do feel like knocking in nails with lumps of wood, perhaps it’s time to ask God to help you to find the things you were designed for. The things that give you life.

  • So. What leaves you feeling good, even when you’ve worked hard?

  • What would you get up early or go to bed late for?

  • What comes to you so naturally that you would hesitate to call it work?

In the things that give you life and energy you will find clues about your life purpose.

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