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Simply being

Once, when we were praying, a friend saw a picture of me sitting under a tree, in my DM boots, reading a book. I was really surprised. I felt it was God delighting in me just being me. I didn’t think my tendency to waste huge amounts of time reading was particularly praiseworthy. Neither would I add my love of DM boots to my CV. But God likes me. He is really happy for me to just be me. He is at ease with me. And with you, too.

Knowing God is at ease with us, gives us the freedom to be at ease with Him.

He is, after all, the warmest, kindest, safest, most caring person you could ever meet.

If we do nothing else but simply ‘be’ with God, that is enough to please Him.

So let’s put away our ‘to do’ lists and simply spend time with the God who delights in us as we are and looks forward to who we will become.

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