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Feeling small?

Do you think you are no good! Are you overlooked? Do you sometimes feel small and insignificant that is not worth anything? Congratulations! Yes congratulations you have got the job. Your just the sort of person God is looking for. It is the people like this that God is most interested in recruiting to do something great. Gideon mighty warrior was just a timid man, the very least of his tribe. Paul was a murderer. Giant slayer king David was really just a small boy who looked after sheep. The twelve apostles were just a clueless, dysfunctional individuals without a Pharisee’s theology degree among them. That amazing evangelist who told all the village about Jesus, she was just that no good samaritan woman. Billy graham, all he could do was drive a truck. Albert Einstein was just a patent clerk.

Maybe you are a world-changing genius who simply does not know it … yet!

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