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Are you an introvert or an extravert?

Image: Whoislimos on Unsplash

Most of us are familiar with the idea of introverts and extraverts. Our view of what extraverts and introverts are like is based largely on stereotypes. The outgoing, loud, party animal versus the quiet, unsociable bookworm sitting in the corner. While those images contain grains of truth, the reality is far more nuanced and complex. There are quiet extraverts and sociable introverts.

Understanding what makes someone an introvert and what makes someone an extravert can really help us to understand ourselves and others. In this conversation between Catherine and Polly, the difference between extraverts and introverts is explained. (Or, more correctly, the difference between people with a preference for introversion and people with a preference for extraversion, because we all do a bit of each, it's just that we have a preference for one or the other).

If this is new thinking for you, then by the end of this conversation, you should have lots of insights to help you understand yourself and those around you.


For an introduction to Myers Briggs, you might like to listen to this episode

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