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Additional Needs Parenting: A Survival Guide

We would love you to join us for this support group / learning opportunity / spiritual refresh / excuse to avoid filling in the Disability Living Allowance form for another week. This is a new venture and we are looking for parents willing to join us for this pilot project and help us shape the course for the future. 

This group is for all special needs parents, particularly those with an active faith who want to integrate their parenting with their spirituality. Whether you are still waiting for a diagnosis or several years into your journey, there will be something for you here. 

When you are parenting children with additional needs, many of the 'tried and tested' parenting approaches - the things Super Nanny and your mother-in-law swear by - just don't work. Trying to make them work can leave you feeling frustrated, isolated, judged and exhausted. 

The truth is that every child and every family needs something different. This group aims to help you step back and work out what you and your family needs. 

It's not just about your children, it's also about you. Working out what you need to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. How you can thrive and grow in the middle of a journey that is often difficult and exhausting. 

When and Where?

We have two courses running this summer term:

 On zoom: Friday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 - beginning 26th April

In person: Wednesday afternoons from 1pm-3pm - beginning 1st May

at The Beacon House of Prayer, 

550-552, High Street,


Stoke on Trent


To find out more or book onto the course:

Email: or phone Catherine: 07828 180179

Full list of dates

This course is written and facilitated by Margaret McGregor and Catherine Cowell

We are both experienced parents of adopted children with additional needs. We know what it's like to be doing this for real. 

We have over twenty five years experience between us. 


We are experienced course facilitators with backgrounds in health visiting, speech and language therapy, coaching, spiritual direction and therapeutic mentoring, amongst other things. 

Young Mother with Children
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